Intuition Tells Me That It’s Going to Blow But My Lack Of Taste Tells Me Go

Entirely too much work went into that title and not one person’s going to see where I got it from.  Not. One.

Story of my freaking life.


I’ve watched with some… I dunno?  Interest?  The approach of the Fright Night remake.  A part of this is due to the presence of David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, in the role of Peter Vincent.  He wasn’t my favorite in the part, but when he was on the money he was damn good.  Figure, why not watch him in something else.

However, the main reason I’m interested is that the original Fright Night  was one of my favorite movies as a teen.  We taped it off a WGN broadcast and watched that thing repeatedly.  It’s what made me a fan of Roddy McDowell (the original Peter Vincent.)

Just to give you further idea of how much I loved this film, I taped the end credits theme on an audio cassette tape so that I could hear it again and again.  That tape might even still be around the house some place, though I doubt it would still play.

Cover of "Fright Night"
Cover of the original Fright Night DVD.  Accept no substitutes.

Also, for no clear reason, I will say, “Oh, you’re so cool, Brewster!”

So as you might have guessed I plan on seeing the movie at some undisclosed time.

Though doubtfully in the theaters.

Because, like the title says, intuition tells me that it’s going to blow.  Blow chunks.

The trailer doesn’t look bad…  It just doesn’t look right.  It looks like they’ve changed too much.  For instance, in the first movie Peter Vincent was an actor/horror hosts played a vampire hunter.  In the remake, he’s a Vegas magician.  While intellectually I can understand the change (horror hosts are rare birds in these cable/internet days), it still seems… off to me.

The other problem is that the last time I watched a well-loved classic remade, the remake made me wanna hunt down script writers and smack them around.  I refer to The Fog remake, a movie that manages to get worse both the more you think about it and when you stop thinking about it.  It’s quite talented, that flick.  Too bad it uses its powers in the services of Evil Stupidity.

So yeah.  I know it’s going to blow.

And yet, yeah, I’m going to see it.

That says something about me.

At least I’ve set my standards low.  While I doubt it’ll be better than its source, I’ll be satisfied if it’s better than Fright Night 2.

Or maybe even The Fog remake.

No, that’s setting the bar too low.  Must have some semblance of standards.

In any case, I was going to put up the original Fright Night Trailer, but that bad boy spoils the end of the movie.  So instead, out of a young man’s love, I give you that end theme I adored so much:

No reason.  No reason at all.


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