In Lieu of a Thank You Letter

Here’s the skinny.

Early May Mom, Dad, and the infamous Brother Todd did a Mad Dash down to Arizona to visit with Brother Eric and his fiance Future Sister-in-Law Nicole.  And yes, Eric is getting married.  This had been a known thing for some time.  It hasn’t been brought up due to a fear that, when it was, the post would consist of such things as “YOU COULDN’T WAIT UNTIL I HAD A FIRST DATE OF MY VERY OWN, COULD YOU?” done over and again in large, bold, red text.

To which Eric would reply, “Well I didn’t want to wait until I was ninety before I got married.  Sorry.  Ass.”

To which I would of course run off to a corner to cry in.

So anyways, Eric’s getting married, everyone’s happy he’s getting married, and his eldest brother will die unloved and alone in a gutter some place, just like predicted in said brother’s Senior Year Book.  As well as in too many other places to mention.

I’ve accepted and moved on.

Really I have.

That silliness aside, the trip was a wild success.  Everything went according to plan, and no one got seriously mauled.  For a change.

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tard...
It looks like this, only cleaner. And smaller. Much smaller. (Image via Wikipedia)

They returned with fond memories of their time out there, souvenirs, and, more important to this essay, a birthday gift to me from Eric and Nicole.  A TARDIS cookie jar.  One that makes the familiar wheezing and groaning noise when opened.

Now that this is the coolest thing ever can not be underscored enough.  My work desk has Godzilla figurines, a Spider-man action figure, and other asunder mementos.  But nothing, I mean nothing, Doctor Who related.  Of my childhood heroes, only he remained unrepresented.

And now, the TARDIS sits in an alcove above my monitor.  Where, every so often, with a slight turn of the head, it can be admired.

It’s cool.

Cut to around last week (give or take), when Mom (with dangerous casualness) suggested that it would be nice if someone sent a thank you letter for the nice gift.  You know, like thoughtful, considerate people would do.  People who aren’t heartless cads.

In other words, people who aren’t me.

Now she is right.  I should have sent a thank you letter.  I should send out a lot of thank you letters in fact.

Problem is, letter writing has never come easy to me.  I have a cousin that’s been due a letter back for over two decades.  Two.  Decades.  Fire off an email and a reply will rush back.  Tweet the twit and he will respond in kind.  But writing letters, thank you or otherwise…  it just doesn’t get done.

There’s no known reason for it.  It just is.

However, I do have this blog.  And Eric and Nicole both read this site (and thus consist of the majority of my readers, ha ha sob).  So in lieu of an actual, honest to God Thank You Letter, I give them both this post.  I hope it amused and brought if not as much joy as the TARDIS cookie jar gives to me, then enough to get them through the day.

Again, thank you for the cool gift.  It may never hold cookies, but it will be well-loved.


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