By Posting About Spam I Am Only Giving Onknee Spambot What He Wants

When you look at that face, do you think of dating?

Specifically, do you think of sad, lonely men who need help dating women?

Onknee Spambot thinks you do, judging by the spam he tried to attach to this post. As I have little to say at the moment, let’s take a look at what he’s selling (sans any actual links to his product.):

My success with women has gone through the roof.

Good for you.

I have a 2 webpages for you to check out if you want to learn what women are looking for.

First let me tell you about it, it’s a book, I know a lot of you guys don’t like to read.

If you don’t like to read, what are you doing here?

I know, I know. Looking at pictures. (Speaking of pictures, that link provides a far more appropriate image for this stupidity.)

I personally don’t like to read either but I had to change the way things were going in the way of relationships so I went looking. Man did I find something.

No doubt porn.

I found a lot of stuff actually…

See previous statement.

…but there 2 things that I found that really worked.

The first is how to get the girl, any girl, the girl of your dreams.

The second is how to hold on to the girl or rekindle a failing relationship.

Now isn’t “rekindling a failing relationship” the same thing as “holding on to the girl”?

And I rather doubt the any girl part. Lesbians are, in fact, really real and oddly enough they aren’t into “success” with men.

How to get the girl the secret to attract girls is simple, it’s called confidence and girls love a man who shows he is confident without doing it in a boastful manner.

Wow! There’s the great secret right there! Why should I do any more reading than that?

There is way too much information to tell you about here…

No, seriously, you’ve told us all you need to. Any more will just spoil it. You know how us guys hate reading.

…so I’ll just give you the website, but first I have to tell you about it. I checked out many so-called dating and seduction tips and the main thing is this is the only one that was written by a WOMAN.

Get outta town! WOMEN write books? Wow! My mind, she is blown.

When it comes down to it who better to tell you how to get a woman than a woman?

I dunno. A man who has successfully date many, many women? Besides, you already told us how to get a woman. Confidence.

Am I right or am I right?

We get the first website here, which I have, of course, removed, and then we move on to topic #2: Rekindling the girl and holding on to the failing. Or something like that. All this reading, it’s messing with my brain!

This website is amazing. It has over 500 lovemaking secrets, it has tips from oprah’s romance expert on how to get more passion, have great sex, and just basically blow your partner away…..

Who now? Who is oprah’s romance expert?

Maybe I just don’t watch oprah. Or Oprah.

there’s not really much more I can say except check it out now

You’d think that would be the end of it, right? But guess what! He has more to say!

Most guys hate self improvement.

They just play xbox and watch sport on TV all day and then they complain about women finding them childish…

How do you watch sports on TV all day and play xbox?

Doesn’t matter. I play the Playstation and Dual Screen, so I don’t have to worry about that.

Plus women never find me childish.

Repulsive, yes, childish no.

Really, I’m quite lucky.

But leave us not dwell upon my hideousness, for instead we reach the real reason I’m yakking about this today. The icing on the cake. The final push that makes this whole thing hilarious to me. More than posting romance tips under a dachshund’s picture. More that going on a male writer’s blog site and claiming most men hate reading.

It is this:

You need to check this out…once you do you’ll never have to come back to this forum again…you won’t have time you’ll be too busy dating.

Oh yes, I’m sure that I’ll keep this baby up on my “forum” for years and years so that everyone can see it and then leave my site forever. That makes sense. That sounds productive. In fact, I’m going to right now click Not Spam so that the world can see what sites to go to instead of mine.

Whoops. Clicked delete instead.

Silly me.

But remember, guys. Confidence.


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