I Am Such a Sucker

I should have known better.

Yesterday (my Mom’s birthday for those keeping score) I read a deeply interesting article over at Written World dealing with a past retcon of Wonder Woman’s origin story. In a nutshell, instead of going to Man’s World for the love of Steve Trevor and the betterment of humanity, she goes as a sort of Straw Feminist, kicking men out of positions of power using intimidation and other violent means so that the rightful person (i.e. any woman) takes his place. Ultimately she learns that this is the wrong way of handling things, but not before accidentally murdering someone she cares for.

The post’s author, Ragnell, had done a slew of very thoughtful posts in recent days talking about the character of late and I thought that this was another one.  A very interesting one, too, because I’d never heard of the story before and, being a fan of comic history and a semi-fan of Wonder Woman, I enjoy having my pool of knowledge deepened.

But there is a reason why I had never heard that story before. And the reason is that it never existed in the first place.

Yesterday was April 1stApril Fool’s Day.  A fact I knew damn good and well about because it’s my mother’s freaking birthday. I spent my entire day rolling my eyes over this prank or that prank on the web and I fell face first into this one.

I should have known better.  My face, it be red.

Best April Fool’s prank I’ve seen in years, in my not so humble opinion.  Well done Ragnell!


One Reply to “I Am Such a Sucker”

  1. Speaking of should have known better…

    This post, as originally written, accidentally implied that I feel that men should be in power and not women. This isn’t the case (I prefer to judge by character and not gender or race), so I’ve tried adjusting it to more reflect my thoughts on the matter.

    If it still seems that way, I hope that this reply corrects this misunderstanding. If not, know that I’ve already received my first Death Threat on a previous post and the the bar has been set pretty high

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