My Drawing is the Bomb! or A Final Fantasy Fan Art Drawing of the Monster Character Bomb

I did a lot of drawing in the past month and, lucky you, you have to look at it! Well, no, you don’t, but I wouldn’t mind it if you did. Please.

Today’s outing is a bit of fan art I drew using Manga Studio.  It’s based on a monster from the Final Fantasy Series known as a Bomb.  Which, shockingly enough, will on occasion explode during  its appearances in the game.  I know, who would’ve thunk it?

Bear in mind I used no source and drew it based on what I remembered the monster looking like.  Which is why there is only a kind of sort of resemblance.

To prove this, here is the actual Bomb:

And here is mine:

Now I like mine.  It has a lot of character.  But honestly?  I wish I’d gotten a wee bit closer to the real deal.

Still. it’s damn good, don’t you think?

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