Interesting Doctor Who News

2|Entertain, the company that releases classic Doctor Who on dvd, announced yesterday (ish) that they will be releasing Reign of Terror.  For those not in the know, that’s a First Doctor story that’s missing episodes.

This means one of two things: either they’re substituting the missing episodes with what they call telesnaps (I believe that’s a collage video of photos taken during the shooting of the story with the soundtrack playing behind it) or they will be animating the episodes.  The later is what they did with the classic Doctor Who story Invasion and it turned out pretty good.  Unfortunately, if I remember right, the company that did the animating folded not long afterwards, so it won’t be them.

However they handle it, Reign of Terror is a story I know little about and I’m kinda jazzed to hear of its approach.

Still pulling for Macra Terror to come out soon in some fashion.  Giant crabs!  What’s not to like?


One Reply to “Interesting Doctor Who News”

  1. Yay!!! I’m looking forward to that one!

    And, yes – the Macra Terror would be really nice. Especially since the Macra made an appearance (of sorts) in the third series of the new Doctor Who.

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