Um… I’m Not Sure This Person Understands What a Christian Is…

While I like Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin quite a bit, I don’t head over to his other site, Estate 4.1, nearly as often. This is due to Estate 4.1 being a… how should I put this? An examination of some of the lesser lights of the Internet.  As these lesser lights are talking about religion and politics, their comments come far too close to hitting the little red rage button in my head.  That button gets hit far too often as is.  It doesn’t need any extra wear and tear.

However, as you might have guessed, I have gone and I have seen something I thought needed commenting on.  The full comment in all its… I hesitate to say glory… can be found here.  The offending part is this, though:

A lesser mind may fall prey to these hucksters, but I put my trust in the Lamb so I will be the one laughing after the Rapture. You urine-drinkers can stay here and rot.

Now, I have been a Christian for my entire life.  I went to a Christian school for first grade and a completed (more or less) four years in a Christian High School.  Between these times, I took a yearly class at my local church dealing with the Bible.  I have, in fact, read the Bible itself.   On this, at one point I had a brother be even deeper than that, going so far as to listen to Christian Rock and, against all notions of decency, making me listen to it, too, if only by playing it in the same house I was in.

Through all of this I must have missed the chapter or verse that tells us it’s okay to hope for and/or enjoy the suffering of others.

Because that’s what Jesus was big on.   Apparently.

But I’m learning.  You can’t say I’m too old to be taught new tricks.  I now am eagerly hoping for the Rapture for the express purpose of seeing the expression on this bozo’s face when it becomes clear that Heavenbound Amtrak ain’t stopping by.

‘Cause you know it’s not stopping for me, either.

I said I’m a Christian.  I never said I was a good at it.

Maybe I should have listened to more Christian Rock.  Seriously, though, the closest thing I come to liking  Christian Rock is being a fan of Alice Cooper.  Pretty sure that doesn’t count.


3 Replies to “Um… I’m Not Sure This Person Understands What a Christian Is…”

  1. You don’t have to be “good” at being a Christian since the concepts were designed to be pretty simple. Love God, Love your fellow humans, accept your salvation and DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE. If you follow the first three principles, you really don’t have time for the “judging” part, anyway…

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