I’m Learning to Use Manga Studio Debut 4 – Dredmor

As the title implies, I am now in possession of an art program that’s not a decade old. Well, I did download Paint.net and I’m fairly certain the Microsoft Paint that came with the current Devil Box is recent, but leave us not pick on my first sentence too much, hmm?  It could always be worse.

That all too early aside aside, I have my hands on Manga Studio Debut 4, an art program, and I figured yesterday to fool around with a practice sketch of one of my characters from On the One Road to Ruin, my web comic.  I wasn’t expecting too much from it, though I had used it to ink a comic page last week and I thought it had promise.

Below is the results, step by step.  Click to enbiggen:

What's he so happy about?

It has this feature or layer or something called “Sketch” where it mimics mechanical pencils.  On the basic drawing level, I can choose various pen nubs.  I have no idea what the names mean, but I can choose them, the size of the tips (in dread metric) and whether the line tapers off at the end.  There’s also tone, panels, and a whole bunch of things I know nothing about.

For the record, I drew all this with a mouse, and there was not only some cut and paste, but a wee bit of computer drawn ellipse.  No computer drawn curves, though.  As far as I can tell, that’s for the heavy-duty, three hundred dollar (!) version of the program.

Does it look like I needed computer draw curves?

It looks like I drew this wrong handed. In the dark. With my eyes closed. And any artistic talent I have locked in a jar some place.

Take the Sketch image and compare it with the Jasc one I did of Krevan using Brother Todd’s (sadly now non-viable) tablet. I dunno, maybe I didn’t take enough time with it…

Not that this is perfect, mind.  Not sure about the way I handled the eye brows, for instance.  And the shading… well, part of it I had to use Jasc with.  Be that as it may be, the image is up to my best with pencil and pen, and I did it with a mouse.

Next big purchase for me?  Probably something that replaces Todd’s tablet and start learning how to work it.

Next big project?  Figure out more about Manga Studio…


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