His Ability to Read Rabbit Thoughts Isn’t the Only Thing I’m Questioning

This needs a wee bit of set up.

Saturday, I was taking Brother Todd home from work.  At the time a blizzard was giving our favorite city the cold shoulder.  Todd was hoping to capture a white out moment on video but had no luck doing so.

We’re here on the home stretch when I notice one of God’s little loves near the edge of the road.  I called out, “Look out, rabbit!” as, of course, all animals understand the human tongue.  In this case, though, the wee one made a wise decision and left the open areas to the hrududu.

What follows is an unscripted almost half minute monologue from Brother Todd, to illustrate what I have to deal with daily.  I provide the disbelieving “Indeed”, thus shocking the world, which previously thought all I could do was car noises.


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