Knife Bear! Bear With a Knife!

We can’t always explain why we like something.  Sometimes all it needs to be is to be.  That’s all.  That’s enough.

A quick personal example: my initial Power Girl fascination.  I had no idea what drew me to the character.  Still don’t.

I like her now because I know her history, her character, and, at least as far as I’m concerned, her potential for interesting stories.  There is a reason for liking her.  One that I could, if pressed, explain and defend liking her.  There is even a chance I could convince others of my opinion.

In short, my love of Power Girl makes freaking sense.

I have no such excuse for Knife Bear.


Now who is Knife Bear, you ask.  Why, he is:

Knife Bear
Stop… stop looking at me like that…

The whole story behind Knife Bear is that he’s a guy.  In a bloody bear costume.  Who has a knife.

That’s it.

He’s a one joke character from The Venture Bros Season 4 (Season 4.2, to be precise.)  He appears, does absolutely nothing, then vanishes from the story.

That’s it.

I.  Freaking.  Love. This Guy.


I have no idea.

Well, maybe I do.  Maybe there’s two levels here.

The first is the obvious: the one scene he is in is freaking hilarious.  By standing around doing nothing (with a knife!) he terrifies three big bad Super Villains.  Two of which are killers.  All of which have well acquainted with another, potentially blonder, killer with a knife.  (And maybe that’s what scares them the most about our Ursine friend; they know the power of the blade in the right hands).

Elf With a Gun
Come on! He’s an Elf! With a Gun! What’s not to love?

The second, though, is a little harder to define.  Knife Bear here reminds me a little of another joke character (and another character I love without reason), Marvel Comics’ Elf with a Gun.  Through out several issues of the Defenders he would appear out of nowhere and kill someone.  No reason, though a reason was later assigned to him.  He just did his business and vanished again.

I’ve never even seen this guy outside of the web and I love him.

So maybe it’s that almost connection I like.  I dunno what Knife Bear’s actual name is; it could easily be Bear With a Knife or something really off the wall.  It doesn’t matter.  I likes what I likes.

Now none of these reasons were present until I did this essay.  They just popped in there.  They might pop right on out once I finished.

Doesn’t matter.

I love Knife Bear.

I would love to see Knife Bear in another season of Venture Bros.  No explanations, no story, just off to one side.  Standing there.  Staring.

With a knife.

And for the life of me, I don’t know why.


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