There’s Something Fishy About This Post

This is no doubt grotesquely inaccurate.  I used a neon sign as a model, with my limited memory of fish anatomy helping with the rest.  I like how it turned out (it wouldn’t be up here if I didn’t think it had some merit), but, again, it should be better.  I need to be better.

You know me.  Carp carp car… wait, does that count as a fish pun on anyone else’s scales?  Just tuna me out if it does.


What matters here, if anything at all does matter here, is that I set out to do a piece and it came out like I intended.  That’s always to the good.

(This one’ll be a shy of 200 words.  Couldn’t net any more if I tried.  I know, you were waiting with baited breath for more.  It can’t be kelped.  I’d flounder about for more to say if I thought I cod trout out a school of more words.  But I tried, chum, I tried.)


2 Replies to “There’s Something Fishy About This Post”

  1. Hey Cullen, are you getting ready for NaNoWriMo? It’s just around the corner, you know. I’m afraid my writing assignments preclude me from participating, this year. Maybe this time next year will see me with enough contractors working for my new oDesk company (Two Sticks and a Hammer Productions) to give me the free time needed in order to participate.

    BTW – if you desire a part-time paid writing assignment, I can easily get one for you. Just let me know. Check out my new blog post for some details 😉

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