Portal – A Very Brief Review

I honestly haven’t mentioned Portal on this site?  What must be the definitive first person shooters as one of the definitive Sci Fi games?  A game I love to play?  And I have only mentioned it in the barest of passings?

Nah.  That ain’t gonna stand no more.

We’ll go into more detail at another time, but Portal, in its simplest terms, is about a woman using an experimental weapon known as a Portal Gun.  This device creates two connected portals in space.  Enter the blue portal and come out the orange (and vice-versa) no matter how far away they are or in what odd places.

What makes the game great is how you use the gun.  Sometimes it’s used just to get from one impossible seeming place to the next.  Sometimes it’s used to hurl your character through space (via a clever use of momentum).  And sometimes you have to use it like any old gun, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

There’s more to it than that – including one of the greatest villains in… ever – but that’s all I’m saying here about the plot.  Maybe more later.  Buy the game, it’s on the PC, you won’t be sorry.  Honest.

You’ll never look at cake the same way again.


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