For the Curious, 288 Words, Not Counting Title

The danger of posting every day is the urge to keep it simple.  Just phone it in, get it done, and move on.  That defeats the purpose of this blog and does me no good at all.  Nor does it do any reader any good at all.

Thing is, I don’t always feel like writing blog posts.  Or, as has been the case the last few days, I’m already writing a blog post over at the other site, do I have to write one here too?

The sensible thing would be to scrap the whole “a year’s worth of posting” all together and go back to the way things were.  But that would make it an unfinished project.  One of many I’ve had in life and on this site.  And darn it, I’m tired of that.

This site has been governed by my whim and my whim is a fickle thing.  Right now it says post daily.  Well, no, actually it says “Play Civilization V“, but when it gets around to thinking about the blog it says post daily.  But I think I’m going to set a small rule in effect to keep myself honest.  I think that a mandatory word count of 200+ words for the prose pieces (ignoring the ones accompanied by my art) should do that, with an increase in wordage every month or so, starting in December.

The exception to this, of course, is next month.  Good old NaNoWriMo.

Whether I’ll post at all that month will be the question…

But, in the meantime, expect an upswing in good coverage here.  More stuff of substance like Humor and 10:10’s “No Pressure” and few phone-in pieces like the aptly titled Still Phoning It In.

Be advised that whim still rules the day here…



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