Humor and 10:10’s “No Pressure”

Over in Great Britain, environmentalist group 10:10 has had a bit of a sticky wicket, wot?

Yeah.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Won’t do that again.

Anyways, this group came out with a little four-minute work promoting their nifty little idea of cutting carbon emissions called No Pressure.  It was, in their opinion, “a funny and satirical tongue-in-cheek little film in the over-the-top style of Monty Python or South Park“. They also used such buzz words as “attention-grabbing” and “pretty edgy.”

And boy was it!  It was so attention-grabbing and edgy that they went off and pulled it from television and YouTube.

But, because this is the 21st century, it still exists, and can be played for you, dear readers, so that you, too, might judge how “funny” it is.  It is Not Safe For Work, small children, or any one who is even slightly squeamish at the sight of blood.

Done clutching your sides yet?

Whole bunch of political fall out from this.  Conservative media has picked this up and ran with it, as you knew they would.  Environmental groups connected to 10:10 are distancing themselves from the group.  And what may well be a good and noble cause takes a hit.

I don’t care about any of that.  That’s modern politics and modern politics tend to annoy me more than anything else.

My question to you the readers (assuming I have any left after the last two poems, natch) is on what planet is that funny?

It’s clear that the film makers think their being funny.  But it’s like all those contestants who turn up on American Idol who can’t carry a note.  It’s painful to watch.  It’s clearly not funny at all.

And not because it’s a bucket full of blood and gore, either.  I’m a giant Horror fan.  Gore doesn’t bother me.  Or at least casual gore, which is what this is.

This.  Is.  Not.  Funny.

Watch that film again and you might notice a few things.  First off, only the child murders and the co-worker murders are in the remotest sense leaning towards humor.  Both the teacher and the exec are over-the-top caricatures.  With the  foreigner murder and the voice-over murder, the characters aren’t even remotely so.  So straight you’d suspect they’re scenes in a serious science fiction/horror flick (with the button evil Right wingers persecuting poor innocent good-natured Left wingers.)

Also, notice how, with the exception of the voice-over murder, it’s always a small group. Everyone else is fine and dandy about helping out, save only a few.  The drab.  The foreigner.  The unbeliever.  All to be killed without asking why, without giving a chance to explain why they aren’t.

Take the students killed.  They don’t give any reasons, do they?  Maybe they are already living in eco-friendly places doing eco-friendly things.  Does the perky teacher check?  Nope.  Button push.

Oh!  And look!  See how many of the button pushers are people in authority.  How very interesting.

I’m like everyone else on the Earth; I’ve seen my share of Monty Python.  I’ve watched South Park up to the point I could no longer stomach their crassness.  And I’ve noticed something about both that No Pressure lacks.

Besides being funny, that is.

Both of them have no sacred cows.  They’ll go after any group, and belief.  More importantly, they’ll go after authority figures just as quick as anyone else.

This, though, gives the vibe: We are in charge.  Do what we say.  No pressure on that, but you best do what we say.

Worse, though, it’s basically the same joke four times.  Did you get it yet?  Did you get it yet?  Did you get it yet?

Amazingly, they guy who did this film also created The Vicar of Dibley, which is a genuinely funny show.  I dunno if the subject makes him tone-deaf or what, but this is about the worst way to present the material you could go.  To paraphrase the UK Telegraph a wee bit, it makes 10:10 and those connected to look like they have a “snarling, wicked, homicidal misanthropy beneath [their] cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging righteousness.”

In short, for a group wanting to save the planet, they’ve done a hell of a lot to push their own cause backwards.


The video and the Telegraph quote I pulled from The Blaze, the blog site of Glenn Beck.  I was trying to avoid watching his show when I first became aware of the film.

The 10:10 thoughts on the film I pulled from the Wikipedia article on No Pressure.


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