More OtORtR Character Work

So now that I’ve added a page and not lost everyone else’s files with my mad HTML skillz, let’s talk character redesign.  As Hester is all but perfect, I thought I’d rework some of the old familiar faces.  Specifically Krevan and Dredmor’s allies, Aud and Sissy.

Aud is on the left; Sissy is on the right.
Aud is on the left; Sissy is on the right.

I decided to rework Aud because, as I was conceiving her, she had long hair in imitation of Krevan.  Then I remembered I already had a character imitating Krevan’s hair style.  Thus she needed a change.

As she thins she’s male (a long story that I hope to get to in the comic), I tried something that was more masculine, but not entirely unfeminine.

The resulting pencil sketch:

That was intended to be a smirk, not a sneer. It'll go before too long.

Actually, I redrew her in the comic first.  The panel in question apears at the end of the essay.

And now for Sissy.  Actually, looking at her, she seems fine to me now.  However, I wanted a more sisterly vibe.  This was the result:

To me, there is nothing that says "sister" more than pigtails. Not counting wimples and habits, natch.

Of course, all designs are subject to change and may look a wee bit different inked.

Finally, the promised panel.  It’s a punchline to a joke, kind of, and one I will not explained fully in comic or here.  If the words are illegible its more because I have the handwriting of a drunk five-year old over any attempt to confuse.

Poor Aud.

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