New Age Onknee

I know I’ve harped on spam a lot the past couple of months, and in truth a lot of that’s been due to being busy creatively.  Nothing hurts this blog more than me being active in the fields of my choice.  Its a dichotomy, but a delicious one for me.  Me more active = better chances of me completing something worthy of publish.

Not that I just put up any crap here.

Though some time I wonder.

In any case, as you might have guessed, my thoughts have been to the STD of the internet world (hey, the comparisons apt, considering the number of porn/Viagra/size enhancers spam out there). I’ve thought for a while now  (at least two or three minute) that maybe we’ve entered a sort of Golden Age.  These things, at least to my mind, have improved over the old stuff.  It’s almost like a real person sent them, and not a spam bot.

Which makes making fun of them so hard.  What if I’m wrong?  What if video converter and fax software are actual people trying to talk with me?  Am I driving away genuine readers again?

Not that any of this has ever stopped me before…

Anyways, divided by post attacked, here are the most recent batch of spam, with thoughts by me.  The spams are in red, which is where I hope the sender’s bank account will reside.


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