First a little context.  The below comes from the television series The Amazing Race.  It’s a reality show dealing with a group of people racing from place to place doing a variety of mini-games/stunts/stupid things.  This clip, incidentally, is the most I’ve seen of the show.  TV series without zombies, clones. and time travelers plagued by deadly pepper pots aren’t often watched by me.  And even with those, there’s no guarantee.

The woman who got a face full of melon is Claire Champlain.  When she woke up that morning, I’m willing to bet she didn’t expect her 15 minutes of fame to include being Ms. Agony of Defeat 2010.

(There.  My out of date pop culture reference of the week out-of-the-way.)

Now me, I’m watching this clip on The O’Reily Factor with the family, and I’m thinking first “Jesus Christ, I hope she’s okay.”  Then, when they show the watermelon remains  I think “Oooh that would taste good.  As a speed much less than how she tried to eat it.”

What?  I like watermelon.

However, not everyone has this reaction.

Specifically, not Brother Todd.

First time Todd sees it he starts laughing and he can’t stop.

Poor Claire
That barely visible bit of white heading towards Claire's face? That's the watermelon. Just looking at that makes me say "OWIE!"

Every time they show that melon hitting Claire in the melon, he laughs.  Harder and harder.  To the point I’m almost laughing with him.  Or at him.  Or both.

I dunno what the moral of all this is.  Maybe that being on television isn’t worth a watermelon to the grill, followed by being laughed at by the world.  Maybe it’s that Todd’s an evil bastard.  Or that I’m only marginally better.

Look, not all of these can have a moral.  Let’s face facts.  Sometimes a story is a story, a cigar a cigar, and high-speed produce is just high-speed produce.

In all seriousness, though, I hope Claire Champlin is feeling better today and is able to look back and, if not laugh, then not wince too much.


2 Replies to “Schadenfreude, or That Poor Woman, or TELL ME THEY ATE THAT WATERMELON MY GOD WHAT A WASTE!”

  1. Thank you for posting things like that. I agree with Todd and had the same reaction. Every time I watched it, I laughed harder. It made my night!

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