More Fun With Ohnee

From the Spambox of Welltun Cares Reviews, in response to Thinking of Daikaiju Eiga (my thoughts are in green):

  • I’ve got to hand it to you  – That’s all it says.  Hand what to me?)
  • You will need to have a minimum of 1 or the other although [exercise device] will perform. You basically ought to buy various sets [exercise device] system unless you prefer to become shifting plates. To reduce cost you are able to buy the Insanity workout. For instance the [yak yak yak, more words, yak yak yak, worse than one of my post] Almost everybody can property this variety of [exercise device] workout bar and can remove and shop easily. – See, spam bot messages would make sense to me if they actually matched the subject they were talking about.What about giant monsters says exercise device?  Oh, I can see exercise, i.e. running away from the monsters.  but a device?
  • nakedpictures news nude photos . – And yet I never get this message in The Prowler review comments, where nudity is implied.
  • Breaking format here at the end, but this one is my personal favorite.

    1999 6661!
    Towards the millenium
    The end is comig!

    Oh nos!  Not the end of the millennium!


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