Flashing blue and white
Rumbling voice rattles walls
Light dancing above


3 Replies to “Lightning”

  1. Did you associate any additional image with this work? For me, I get the image of a big thunderstorm that might turn into something a “trifle” more serious (like a devastating flood). But I’ve become a bit more paranoid. Reason number one why I’m happy about the new move (that and my new 3 Mbps Internet connection).

  2. The main image was this massive thunderstorm going on outside my window at the time. My region of the world has been being hit by storms three days in a row.

    On that, not long ago (maybe a month) a town in my state was devastated due to flood waters (their dam gave out, as I recall). Add to the mix that a.) my city has been suffering from river woes and b.) the first year I lived here there was a major flood in the city, and I don’t doubt there’s an additional undercurrent in the poem.

    It wasn’t intended, though. Just there.

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