He Has How Many Queens?

Chess Demotivator
How'd THAT Happen?

No foolin’.  That’s an actual honest to God screen shot.  And no, I’m not the black player.  Nor is the computer set to level one.

It’s at level 3.

Of 10.

With 10 being the hardest.

But hey!  I WON!


2 Replies to “He Has How Many Queens?”

  1. Not bad. I’ve never been all that great at chess. And I was taught by the captain of my high school’s chess team. At the Bronx High School of Science (!!!). He was only 17 and had a decent national ranking at the time. By the way – check out Part 2 of my moving saga on “Henry’s Asylum” 🙂

  2. I like chess (obviously), but I’m in no way good at it. That right there was fluke city.

    If I ever get cocky about my Mad Chess Skillz, all I have to do is play Brother Todd. That’ll bring me back to Earth and a few miles down (with shame!)to boot.

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