Death to Onknee Spambot!

Johnny 5Interesting thing happened yesterday: I disabled comments on one of my blog entries here at Welltun Cares Presents.  It seemed to have become a magnet for spam.  Every day, more spam.  A wide variety, ranging from the usual enhancements to other, more mundane affairs.  You know the drill.  Your email inbox no doubt brimming with the wit and wisdom of Onknee Spambot.

Some of them were really long affairs, no doubt created to look like someone put some for thought into things.  Like this one:

Are we all laughing yet?

I love the opening.  “I’m really sure lot’s of you are like jokes.”  Not me, though.  I’m like a tragedy.  A really pathetic, poorly written tragedy.

The closing’s a hoot, too.  Explaining the joke ALWAYS makes it funnier.  And between you and me, that joke needs all the help it can get.

Note over to the right the title in blue.  That’s the post this comment, and other comments, was attached to.  For those who don’t want to click over and check it out, that was the post I made during the last stint inserting.  You know, the one right before the second bypass.

So yeah.

Not really the place for jokes, is it?

For the most part, I just sat and read the spam, sort of dumbfound, almost amused. Then I get this little gem.

You can delete the topic found the answer in google.

Well thank God for that.  Here I was, wondering if you did, too.  I’ll go over there and delete this highly personal post just for you, babe.

I don’t know if you can tell, but every time I read that I want to go off and punch someone.

So in order to keep my blood pressure down to a boil, I turned off the comments.  And I’ll do it again, if the need arises.

Unless the spam is funny.

Then maybe I’ll play with it a while.

Before annihilation.


3 Replies to “Death to Onknee Spambot!”

    1. For whatever reason, my spam filter thought this wondrous post was spam. I have since fixed the issue and will be giving the program a good talking to.

      Putting comments praising my writing in the spam box. I mean really

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