4081 Doesn’t Work As A Title For a Venture Bros. Post

All you have to do is highlight and copy <p style=”margin-bottom:0;text-indent:0.49in;” align=”justify”>, paste in on the HTML side, type a word to set things up, then return to Visual.  That’s it.  And because I can do that, Brother Eric refers to me as having “superior CSS and HTML” skills.

Now does that devalue his comments on the web comic page design or…

Oh hey!  Didn’t see you standing there.  Right in my line of sight.  With your head cocked.  Wondering who I was talking to.  There.

Listen, today’s a light one.  Sort of posting to post, to keep in the daily habit, you know?

Anyway, Adult Swim put up some ComicCon footage dealing with the Venture Bros. Season 4.2.  Or 4.5.  I dunno.  Whichever.  And while it’s not as great as some of the other con stuff, it did have one bit of exciting news:

Baron Ünderbheit


to the Venture Bros!

I know that most people won’t care as much about the news as I do.  And that, as he isn’t that popular with the makers of the show, there is every possibility that this is the final end to the character.  That he may well be sent to whatever hell is reserved for bad Doctor Doom imitators.  I don’t care.

Baron Ünderbheit


to the Venture Bros!

and I am happy.  I missed the big lug.

The Venture Bros. Season 4 Part 2 begins this sometime this month.  More gushing when appropriate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a conversation to get back to.  With a person.  Who’s totally here.  And not made up.

I think you’re right, Lindsay Lohan, who’s really talking with me right now.  Eric should indent his posts more.  And he should admit that I’m a better writer.  That I have a better haircut.  That I…

Lindsay Lohan in no way supports, endorses, or knows in any way shape or form
Welltun Cares Presents or its writer, Cullen M. M. Waters.

As Cullen M. M. Waters is neither in her age range or a substance for her to abuse, this does not surprise.

What does surprise is that she had seen Student 20 and said he looks “kinda cute” for a grandpa.

This in no way inspires hatred or jealous in the author of the site.


No way.

Lindsay Lohan in no way supports, endorses, or knows in any way shape or form
Student 20 or the person who write Student 20m Presents.

But if she did, she’d tell him to intent more.


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