Another Look at Search Terms

Here at Welltun Cares Presents, we pride ourselves on presenting the high quality work possible from a brain that had been ever so kindly referred to as “absent.”  Which is why we are #400,000,322,145,274,231 in the Great Internet Standings.  (Great Internet Standings is a term made up by an absent mind and may not correlate with reality.  But if it in any way DOES match what is, rest assured that the preceding number is missing at least 100 digits.  Thank you for your patience and understanding)

In order to maintain this high standard, we are constantly pouring over what is known as “SEARCH ENGINE TERMS” in order to find out just why people come to this site.  We are deeply, deeply interest in this, as from where we sit, we can see no reason for anyone to come here.  Perhaps when we move that distracting fern from in front of the monitor things will become more apparent.  Though we are still trying to figure out who put the fern there in the first place.

In any case, here are the “SEARCH ENGINE TERMS” that brought confused readers like you to our site.  Perhaps if we here at Welltun Cares Presents focus more on the subjects shown here-in, the number of views may rise over one hundred more often than once in a blue moon.

Of course, this would be a mixed blessing, because some of you people scare us to death with what you are looking for,

Without further ado, the “SEARCH ENGINE TERMS” for Friday, July 30, 2010.

Oh Power Girl! How beautiful you are!
  • power girl 11 views – Wait, there’s Power Girl information?  On this site?  When did that start? And why am I still here, talking to you?
  • cori en jeannie de hanna-barbera 3 views – For the record, the cartoon these people are looking for is called Jeannine. I’d almost pity them for looking for it, but, heh heh, I have already confessed to liking the thing myself.  Uh, whoops?
  • jack nicholson cartoon 3 views -I’ve only mentioned Jack Nicholson once in passing.  So there’s at least 3 people who left here disappointed.
  • and i never had that receipy again3 views – I wonder if they’re trying to find the name of that song by looking up the lyrics.  I’ve done it myself, a time or two.  The song’s MacArthur Park, by the by.  Oh, and does that mean that three people don’t know how to spell recipe?
  • doctor who yeti color 3 views That’s interesting.  Wonder if this is inspired by talks of the Great Intelligence returning to Doctor Who?
  • comic boobs 2 views – I’m sorry.  Comics don’t have boobs.  They’ pamphlets made out of trees.
  • boobs girls2 views – How much do you wanna bet there were at least two people out there who spent hours drooling over an image of boobs, only to find out they were looking at the male of the species?
  • glee season 42 views –  These (at least) two people are looking for information on season four of the T.V. show Glee.  Which is very optimistic on their part, as Glee is only on its third season…
  • sixties girl 2 views – Odd thing to be looking for.  Especially here.
  • power girl images2 views – Wait, there’s Power Girl images?  On this site?  When did that start? And why am I still here, talking to you?
  • animated movies list 2 views – Which refers to this essay here, no doubt.  It’s one of my top posts.  36 views this week.

    URUSEI YATSURA for the win
  • urusei yatsura gif 2 views – I’m just glad people are out there still looking for UY.
  • joking 2 view – Joking?  Here?  NEVER!
  • powergirl2 views You don’t actually think I’m still here, do you?  Viva la Power Girl!
  • what was thrown off the tallahachy bridg 1 view My heart.
  • hate being a grown up1 view Amen.
  • poem bitter heart1 view Which was why my heart got thrown off the Tallahatchie Bridge… excuse me, the tallahachy bridg.  (I’m so going to hell for making fun of people’s spelin.)
  • boredom1 view – Boy, have you come to the right place.  Wait…
  • power girl boob jokes 1 views THERE’S NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT POWER GIRL’S BOOBS!
  • hugh mearns and william hughes mearns poems1 view a piece – I had something funny to say here, but the man who wasn’t there took it away from me.  I hate it when he does that.
  • billy joe macallister1 view The other thing that got tossed off the Tallahatchie Bridge.
  • the many faces of spiderman1 view – Yep.  Got nothing for this one.  My wit sort of croaked out with the Twilight oh god when will they get here why’s hazmat always so slow?
  • pictures baby – 1 view – Don’t… don’t call me baby.

Well that was neither fun nor informative, now was it?  Which means we’ll be doing it again real soon.

Like all next week.

Wait, where are you all going?

That’s all right.  I’m going to have to bath anyways.  Twilight.  Urg.  Where’s the Clorox?  Or maybe I need an acid.

tatical tactical nuke.  only way to be sure

unclean. so unclean.


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