Now Here’s a Little Slice of Depression

Willis O'Brien and Friends
O'Brien with some of the cast of SON OF KONG

One of the problems with having multiple blog sites is that sometimes you get an essay half finished, only to realize it belongs on one of the other ones.  Just is the cast with an essay I was writing about Special Effects master Willis O’Brien.  I had planned on it gracing this site, but the more I worked on it, the more it seemed to fit what I was trying to do over at Welltun Cares Reviews. I wanna talk about Speculative Film movies, right?  Why not talk about the people behind the films?  Thus over it went.

Now that I think about it, I might wanna rethink some of the pages at that site.  MEMO TO SELF: More unnecessary work ahead.  YAY!

Anyway, if you want to read what I was thinking about O’Brien, click the above image.  It’ll take you right there.  It’s a bit depressing though.  You may want to go to my Food of the Gods review instead.  It has the needless slaughter of rats in it, and what’s not to like about that?


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