The Present is Epilogue – A Fragment

In lieu of an actual post, let me lay a little fragment on you.  It was an idea for a novel opening that I don’t intend to use.  I have a little more to say at the end.

Past is prologue, they will tell you. What was done ago has led us to now as sure as water runs down hill, or the sun rising from the horizon. Inevitability. Predestination. It has been used to justify sins unimaginable, and will be used so again. Thus is the way with adages and sayings.

Despite the misuse, there is some truth there. Without care of thought or deed, history repeats in spectacular, ofttimes horrific, fashion. Anything seems fated if seen in the right light. Or even in the wrong one.

If past is prologue, then the present is epilogue. Today is the end result of what happened yesterday, or last week, or last year. Happy or sad, infuriating or indifferent, it all comes from that which can not be changed. All that can be done is the best one can, done in the knowledge that what is done today may have unintended effects tomorrow.

The present is epilogue.

I can’t give you a reason why I’m not using it, save that it’s in the present tense and that bothers me.  That and I think I’ve found a better way to go.

The original phrase (“Past is prologue”) comes from that old plagiarist William Shakespeare (The Tempest, to be exact.)  If you want to split hairs (and why not?), if I follow the thinking more precise, then it’s Future is epilogue.  The present is climax.  But that didn’t work for what I had intended.

Dunno.  Maybe the whole thing is blown.  In any case, like most of what I put up here, I hope the fragment was at least semi-thought provoking.


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