Word Press is Not My Friend

Word Press just ate a post for me. First it doesn’t let me check the preview, then it won’t let me save the draft. and now it ate the God damn post.  I went to check the draft section of my post and while some of the post remained a good hour or so of work was gone.

Fortunately I had a back up copy via another source, so I can get back up to speed.  But God damn it, Word Press.  The hell’s going on?

FUTURE CULLEN sez: I hit the back key on my browser several times and regained what I had lost.  Still, the hell, man…


2 Replies to “Word Press is Not My Friend”

  1. That’s why I always write my blog entries in MS Word – then save after each pertinent sentence (the electricity has a sense of humor in the Philippines – I’m getting an uninterpretable power supply next month). Afterwards, I cut and paste. Paranoid? Not even.

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