Dream Journal (I) – Sharks

This won’t be a regular feature by any stretch of the imagination, but as I have nothing else to post (and I thought it was interesting), I’m relating a quick dream I had.  Just in case I do it again, I’ve added a (I) to the title.  Lord only knows that I’ve started other, better series without ever finishing them, so don’t let that tidbit scare you.

Nor am I about to put some big significance to the dream I’m about to relate.  While I believe some dreams can be interpreted, this ain’t one of them.

Feel free to prove me wrong, of course.

With that preamble completed, here’s the dream.

I’m walking through the city park.  Never mind where I’m going, which city I’m in, or which park.  None of it matters.  I don’t know in any case.

Over to my left is a lake of some kind.  Shimmering water, the works.  Over to my right is, if I’m remembering correctly, a street, or some paved area.  No one is walking with me or near me.  I’m alone.

Sliding out of the lake, as far as I can see, are women in Baywatch red bathing suits.  Each comes out in the same sort of sexy pose, laying down on their stomachs, propping themselves up with their arms, wide smiles on their faces.  Maybe they’re posing to get their picture take.  Dunno, don’t care.  I’m heading to where I need to be.

Almost as soon as the women come out of the water, though, sharks break out of the water, to the point it seems like their bodies are gliding across the surface.  These all are the same type of shark.  Great Whites.  Of course they are.  What else could they be?

The sharks are all after the smiling woman.  Some of them eat their prey whole, some miss completely.  You’d think they’d all beach themselves with the effort (the women are partly on land, after all), but there seems to be no danger of that.

Someone (not me) screams “Shark!”  A cry that should have been unnecessary.  How could anyone miss that display?

On hearing the word, the surviving women panic.  But instead of climbing the rest of the way out of the lake, they turn around and start swimming to the other side.  The sharks do a quick 180 and follow them.

And me?  I keep walking.  The whole thing makes me feel… disinterest.

No doubt how all the readers of this essay feel, but there you have it.  A dream that’s lingered in my head for three or four days.  No plot, no reason.  Just a mental earworm stuck in my head.


2 Replies to “Dream Journal (I) – Sharks”

  1. I’m currently working on a contract that relates to REM sleep and the association of dreams as a means of memory consolidation. If you have looked at a “Jaws” reference, lately (or anything relating to “Jaws”, that would account for it). The fact that a park and “Baywatch” women are included are just images thrown in for the memory consolidation that relate to other things that you have seen recently, as well. If you want, I can send you the specific article I’ve written on the subject (my contractor is selling it for $10).

    1. That’s very interesting. I was reading about Jaws recently. Bathing suit women in general aren’t that uncommon in my life. And I have hung out in a park recently. Not one with a lake, but one that has been flooded by a river.

      Hell. Maybe I should stop looking at other things and start looking at “work” related things 24/7…

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