Happy Ending For Cat. Not So Happy Ending For Rabbit.

So I’m sitting in the car at the gate Thursday night, waiting for Dad to buzz me in, when I notice movement out of the corner of my eye.

Now as this is the middle of the night, I expect to see a.) a cat, b.) a rabbit, or c.) a raccoon or animal interesting like a raccoon.  Choice c.) isn’t very common for where Dad works, but many years ago I was treated to the sight of a deer charging through the neighborhood trying desperately to find some tree, any tree, in the city. Checking it out is just a head turn, after all.

What I say was a yellow cat leaving the premises.  In its mouth was a dead (or playing dead) rabbit.  The rabbit had to of been almost as big as the cat.

The thing that struck me the most about the scene was how pleased the cat seemed with itself.  This is my rabbit, it seemed to be thinking.  It’s allllll mine!

And maybe it did kill the rabbit.  Maybe it stalked the rabbit down and pounced.

And maybe one of the trucks in the parking lot hit the rabbit and the cat just found the poor thing.

The point of all of this nattering (and surprisingly I do have a point)  is that there’s stories all around us.  We may never know what they are, but we can create them for ourselves, if only to tickle the fancy.  And whatever we create may be the truth, it may be more satisfying than the truth, and it may be less satisfying.

It all depends on view point.


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