The Great Animated Movie List

Oh whim, what hath you wrought upon me?

Over at  The Kawaii Menace I found a little meme dealing with what animated movies I had or had not seen.  As this was coupled with an arbitrary judgment of said films, I thought to myself “Cha-ching!  Easy blog post!”


I cut-and-pasted the list I found over there, and should have left it at that, changing the answers to suit my opinions.  But nooooo I couldn’t do that.  As I’ve always found unnecessary work oh so delicious, I decided to split the whole thing up into pages.  And then I merged some of the categories together.  And then I made the lists into tables (taking care to delete most of the dates and a wee bit extra.   And then I alphabatized the movies.

Because I like to alphabetize.

By the time I started noticing little errors and missing movies in the list (The Princess and the Toad wasn’t with the Disney cartoons, for instance), I was tired of the project.  But as I did so much work on it already, I couldn’t quit.

So, after the more tag, we have the Great List of Animated Movies and whether I’ve seen them and liked them.  Halfassed and underthought.

A typical Welltun Cares Presents blog post, in other words…


X — Denotes What I Have Seen
O — Denotes What I’ve Seen Some of But Not All (More Than Trailer
BOLD — I Liked It

O A Goofy Movie X Lady and the Tramp
X Aladdin Lilo & Stitch
X Alice in Wonderland X Lion King
X Aristocats – As a kid X Little Mermaid
X Atlantis: The Lost Empire X Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
X Bambi X Mary Poppins
X Beauty and the Beast X Meet the Robinsons
X Black Cauldron Mulan
Bolt X Oliver and Company – As a kid
Brother Bear X One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Chicken Little X Pete’s Dragon – As a kid
X Cinderella X Peter Pan
X Dinosaur X Pinocchio
X Dumbo Pocahontas
X Emperor’s New Groove X Rescuers
X Fantasia X Rescuers Down Under
X Fantasia 2000 X Robin Hood
X Fox and the Hound X Sleeping Beauty
X Great Mouse Detective — As a kid X Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
X Hercules X Song of the South – As a kid
Home on the Range X Sword In The Stone
Hunchback of Notre Dame O Tarzan
X Jungle Book Treasure Planet

The Princess and the Toad really should be up there, but as I haven’t seen it, it didn’t seem worth the effort of putting in there.  (Hey, I did the same with Avatar later…)


5 Replies to “The Great Animated Movie List”

  1. Wow. Our tastes are so different it’s scary

    By the way, I like Graveyard of the Fireflies the way I like Schindler’s List – it’s a great movie, butI never care to see it again. Depressing.

      1. Fair enough. I kinda think I would, too, but you can’t deny that it is well made and well executed, no matter how utterly hopeless it it.

        On a completely different note, I think you should check out “Surf’s Up” – that’s the movie about the surfing penguins. The movie is done as a documentary, has clever writing, a few really great characters, and an amazing soundtrack. It kind of reminds me of “Endless Summer”. I really enjoyed it, and I think you might, too.

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