Cousin Emily Has an Alibi and Other Items of Interest

The lack of updates this weekend isn’t due to me cowering in my closet, worried about mad slashers.  Well, no more so than usual.

Nor does was it because of my usual lackadaisical nature.  Well, no more than usual.

I was busy on yet another review for the sister site.  Should be up Tuesday (today, I should say) or Wednesday.  I’ll put up notice when it’s up.

For now, let’s see what’s happening at home and abroad:

  • Saturday we visited my Aunt Jeri for her birthday, and as we were leaving Mom mentioned than dear Cousin Emily was out on vacation.  My first thought and question was “Did she go to Canada?”  Which was a joke, I assure you.  I would never believe she’d send something like that, even if she had gone north instead of south to Florida.  I suspect that when the attack comes, and it WILL come, she won’t give me any warning at all.
  • Also on Saturday I was paid a very nice compliment over at Comics Should Be Good.  Writer Greg Hatcher had this to say about my rebuttal of his Jim Croche column:

A rebuttal to last week’s Jim Croce cape-tugging column that made me blow my beverage out my nose because I was laughing so hard. I thought about trying to rebut the rebuttal but really, his was too funny. So you win this round, sir.

Thanks for the kind words and the pug, Greg!  I did enjoy your Croche essay, but I felt the truth had to be told.

Now if that LexCorp. will only finish my Kryptonite bunker, I’ll be set.  Got my radiation suit ready and everything

  • Over at io9 , I saw the coolest cartoon.  It’s done by artist Amy Mebberson, and it’s damn good.  Doctor Who fans should check it out.  I can name each one of the companions she has shown there, which may well be the saddest thing you’re likely to read today.  Were I to criticize (and I’m not), I’d complain about the lack of Barbara, Katarina and Sara Kingdom.  But that’s just because Ima BIG NERD.  (FUTURE CULLEN sez: according to a poster at io9. Mebberson felt Barbara would be calling for Ian rather than Doctor.  Which I should have thought of, really.)

2 Replies to “Cousin Emily Has an Alibi and Other Items of Interest”

  1. Just to put my money where my mouth is regarding Doctor Who, a list in order left to right from the top: Susan, Viki, Dodo, Polly, Victoria, Zoe, Liz, Jo, Sarah, Leela, Romana I and II, Nyssa, Tegan, Peri, Mel, Ace, and Grace, with Rose and K9 on the right of Doctor #9.

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