A Helpful Guide For Future Doctor Who Episodes

Last week, Doctor Who introduced New Daleks. Each of them had their own name, but I didn’t catch who was named what.  This isn’t the first time this has happened to me: when the Cult of Skaro came on to the scene I missed half the names, and there were only four given.  (For the curious, the names I caught were Sec and


And that’s my Star Trek reference for the year!  Thanks, fellas, you’ve been a great audience.  Try the veal, tip your waitress, and if you stumble over anything in the gutter tonight don’t worry;  it’s only me.  G’night!)

Anyway, in order for me to keep the red one straight from the blue one, I’ve found a picture and labeled it.  Y’know, so the old man can go back and reference it one in a while.

And of course I might use it too (Zing, Eric!)

So, without further nonsense:

Don't... don't ask me how long it took me to make this.

Okay, okay maybe a little nonsense.  So far Matt Smith’s been fine as the Doctor.  I’m liking him better than Tennant (but not as much as Ecclestson).


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