Is the Word Hypocrite, By Any Chance?

So here I am, working on the reviews at the sister site, making sure they are all as pretty as pretty can be.  Which no doubt proves how anal I am, as if that was ever in any doubt at all.

Now, some of this work involves making sure everything is Justified (Must… be… justified…), that things are indented right (Must… be… .49in… in), and that the color coding I do through the reviews are actually there (you don’t expect me to repeat that joke three times, do you?).  As the new theme allows customizable headers for each post, I’m doing that, too.

And it looks great, you should check it out.

But that’s not why we’re here.

Among the many, many things I’m doing is correcting grammar (as well as the obligatory confusion of HERE with HEAR – something that I can not believe I would do but have.  Repeatedly.)  When not removing long, unwieldy statements in parentheses, I’m rewriting sentences to remove the passive voice (or, to illustrate, the passive voice has been removed by me).  Which, I hope, means I’ll have a more dynamic reading review.

Fingers crossed.  Hope hope hope.

Doing all of this means that I’m rereading my reviews.  And I’m liking them.  Sometimes I don’t think I’ve been very clear in them (and I will confess to adding a word or sentence in clarification.  but no paragraphs.  Yet.) But for the most part, I think they’re good.  I’m not too ashamed of them.  In fact, I like them all a lot.

Then I come across the King Kong v. Godzilla review and I come to a realization.

In it I repeatedly make excuses for the actions of Godzilla.  It’s done for humorous intent, obviously, but it’s there.

And yet, I spend an entire review bashing a character named Toshio for doing the same thing later on in life.

There’s probably a word for what I am when I do that, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it is.

Anyway, I’m sure I must have brought it up in the Gamera review, so it’s neither here nor there.  But perhaps later on in the week, I might post an essay explaining just why Godzilla is a misunderstood monster and Gamera is an evil heartless bastard who deserves only death and/or to be launched in a rocket to the moon.

Be fun.  And better than this post, no doubt.

(Hey, I’m trying to get my writing rhythm back.  Work with me, hear here.)


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