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You probably should do some soul-searching if you find yourself wishing you had Doc Venture's life. I know I have.

Hi! Back sooner than I expected. Such is life in the land of blog.  Nothing too new has happened since last we spoke (all of four days ago; not even a record).  Brother Eric has assured me that there is no harm in using a LapDevil with a cracked screen, I figure, why not?  So long as I don’t lick the screen, it shouldn’t be that bad, right?

Although it does look quite tasty.

We’re going to talk a little now about the cracked screen, but first, let me point you in another direction.  I, like so many troubled, lonely souls, have a Twitter account.  It’s  I tend to be a little more blue there than here, and not in the sad, depressing sort of blue, either.  I also strive to post less frequently there than here.  Mainly because 140 some words is too few for a Chatty Cathy such as myself.

So’s 1400 word, but I digress.

I point you in that direction not to fill your world with more of my blather, but because a little note pops up there when I update here and at the sister review site.  While I intend to continue to post “head’s up” notes here, I figured a one stop look-see wouldn’t hurt anything.

 In any case and so forth, on with the show.

The image below is what, in a perfect world, I would be seeing right now.  More or less.


 This is, and I can be getting my facts wrong here, the “extended” view.  The left side (up to about the clock) is on the LapDevil monitor.  The right side (from the media player thing on right) is on the Other Monitor (Om for short).  From the moment I figured out how to do this, I’ve loved it.  More room to play with, and it made watching movies for the reviews so much easier.

Early on, I could only get a duplicate image, the same thing on both screens.  But I fixed that with the display option. 

I mean I don’t need to see anything twice, right?

Ha ha.

Below, more or less, is what I see now.

As every single freaking window opens on the left side, you can see where I have a problem.  If I reduce any window I have open, it vanishes forever into the white.  Unless it appears right at the top of the screen (as did Jasc) I have to hunt around blind for it until I (maybe) find it.

I used to see a little more than this, not too long ago.  Then, I tried using the same helpful display option to return things to a twin appearance.  No dice.  There was an option to make Om the primary monitor, but for some reason the option was grayed out.  Meaning I couldn’t use it.  But if I can’t use it, why is it there in the first place.  It’s like there’s a Microsoft employee out there who wants me  to hunt him (or her) down and punch him (or her) in the face.

If that’s the case, mission accomplished.

I don’t know why I can’t just open things on Om.  Click and there we are.  By some quirk, I’ve gotten Explorer to open there, but nothing else.  This doesn’t irritate me as much as the grayed out option–there might be a very real technical issue there–but it would be nice if someone makes it so.

In future,

With another LapDevil.

That I don’t have.

But I’m not bitter.


Be that as it may, expect more content soon.  I should be working tonight or tomorrow night on Yet Another Movie review.   Netflix has graced me with yet another movie, though as the movie is The Prowler, maybe graced isn’t the right word.

Can’t be as bad as Godmonster of Indian Flats, right?


Oh boy.


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