Dead Mother Board

Around, I dunno, April 2, the Devil Box stopped working and started making a weird sound.  A long bell-like noise.  No idea what it was.

We had it looked into and guess what!  Dead mother board.  Which means dead computer.

The good times are over.

This wonderous blog post comes to you courtesy of the old laptop.  The one with a cracked screen.  With a VGA hook up to a monitor, I can finesse Explorer enough to see an image.  

Outside of that, I really can’t do anything. 

For reasons I can’t explain (Luddite, doncha know) the laptop has been set up into what I  believe is “Extend” mode, meaning everything is one continuous screen.  For me to do most everything I want to do, I need it to be one screen.  And every window I need to do that opens on the craced monitor screen.  Where I can’t see it.


I think updated might be few and far between from here on out.  We’re looking into new motherboards and, failing that, new Devil Boxes.  As money is tight, that might take a while.

Unless we win the lottery.  Then cancel that.

Oh, one last thing, before we go.  Can you guess when the last time I backed up my filed was?

April 1.


Sometimes I get lucky… and some times…


One Reply to “Dead Mother Board”

  1. Sorry to hear about that. You might try accessing this function to deal with extend mode:

    Right click on your desktop > Properties > Display Settings > Click on the second monitor icon (monitor picture with number 2 in it) > Clear the check mark at “Extend the desktop onto this monitor” > OK

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