Here’s Hoping She’s Feeling Better. Damn It.

I don’t use Facebook.

The reasons for it are, to say the least, moronic in the extreme.  See there was this Girl back at Marian who I had a crush on.  I made something of a fool out of myself over her, though I didn’t then realize I was doing so.  Flash forward twenty some years and I find this Girl, now this Woman on Facebook.  I ask to friend her, she friends me, she doesn’t use the Facebook for a length of time, I decide that it’s because she realizes what a horrible person I am and doesn’t want to risk further contamination, I de-friend her and send a book length e-mail explaining why that on sending I thought was pretty good but in hindsight I’d like to take back, right with the de-friending.

In other words, I’m out of High School, but not out of High School.  If you can dig it.

In this oh so wonderful E-mail, I told her that I wouldn’t be using Facebook or any of the classmate type finding things, just so I wouldn’t bother her again.  And that’s what I’ve tried to do.  With the exception of joining one of those classmate type finding things within weeks of promising not to.

What can I say?  I forgot.

Do you think this Woman from my sadly underdeveloped past cares one way or another?  Of course she doesn’t.  Why on Earth should she?  There’s only two possible reactions she could have had.  Either she read the e-mail and said “Who the hell is Cullen Waters?” or “Jesus, dodged that bullet.”  It sure wasn’t “Hey, I should let Cullen know it doesn’t matter/I have no idea what he’s talking about.”  Because I’ve heard nothing from her.

Not that I should have, mind.  The more I think about our time at Marian (which sounds more than it was), the more I think I was a pest and not a would-be friend.

Nor that she should e-mailing in future.  Everyone has a right to having a Cullen-free existence.   She probably deserves it more than most.

Long, embarrassing story short, no Facebook for Mr. W.

However, there is a certain problem with Facebook.  And that problem is family members.


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