I’ve Been Doing This How Long? Five YEARS!?

That’s not every long time, all things considered.  Some people have been bloging much longer than that, but me, I expected to be finished by the first month anniversary.  I am still well pleased with this little experiment of mine and I think maybe, just maybe, it’ll be around as long as I am.

Which is a grim thought, when you think about it.

Last year’s been a rough year.  Let’s hope for smoother trip this year!


One Reply to “I’ve Been Doing This How Long? Five YEARS!?”

  1. I hear you. It’s been a tough year for me, as well. If you recall, I ran into that lovely affair with my broken leg (fascinating details on my website). I think the thing that gets me the most is that it was completely unavoidable. The whole thing was the result of some shoddy work that was done on the apartment next to mine. One good rainstorm and the whole downstairs was flooded. Add to that, the fact that I worked nights, at the time, and you have a low level lighting situation that was perfect for my stepping off the lower step of the stairs leading from my upstairs bedroom to the kitchen area and “wham”. Anyway, I’m looking to recoup some losses from that painful experience (see: http://www.nowinnofee.co.uk ). Specifically a “no win no fee” scenario. I’ll let you know how things turn out. By the way – congrats on the 5 year mark. I’ve enjoyed your work for some time, now!

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