Can’t Get To It? Brother, I Wouldn’t Even Be Heading FOR it

Just to show once again how warped my tiny, tiny mind is, let me relate the following example.  Here I am, hard at work on the novel (Yep, still NaNoWriMo ’09, though several steps away from what I have) when all of a sudden the image at left springs into mind.  I’m not writing a beach scene, a monster scene, or even a death scene.  Just out of the blue, pretty woman dragged under the sands.

And  yep, I wanna watch this movie.


For those  with heads not so full of useless Horror Movie trivia, that’s from the poster for the movie Blood Beach.  It has what has to have one of my favorite tag lines:  “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – you can’t get to it.”  It’s a riff off of a tag line from a movie you’ve probably never heard of, but I still love it.

The poster itself is kind of a revelation for me.  Not just because I remember the image wrong (the girl is the reverse image of this one in my head), but also for an amusing revelation.  I never noticed the people in the background before.  Those have to be some of the most unobservant people in the world not to notice that poor girl going down.  The screams alone should have been a clue.


Blood Beach, as far as I can see, has yet to make its way to the land of DVD.  This does not surprise, as it isn’t a classic by any stretch of the term.  It’s been a good twenty years (or so) since I saw this bad boy, and the details have faded.  I seem to recall the final battle between the good guys and the monster to be too dim to see.  As for it’s other qualities, or lack thereof, well, I watched it on TV one time.  It could be a hidden gem for all I know.

Like Cathy’s Curse. Ha.  Ha.

Be that as it may, I wonder why it popped into what I laughing call my brain.  I guess because it was once a frequent sight, passed by back in the glory days of VHS rental.  A movie I always sort of wanted to see, but was too young to rent.

That I still want to see it after watching it is undoubtedly sad.

But not as sad as having Godbeast of Indian Flats on you NetFlix Queue.

That’s super sad.

(nervous titter)


3 Replies to “Can’t Get To It? Brother, I Wouldn’t Even Be Heading FOR it”

  1. I remember when that movie came out – I’m afraid it wasn’t #1 on my list. “Jaws”, though, was a different story – I saw that when it first came out with my mom, dad, and little sister (the same was true for “The Exorcist”). Definite milestones in my film watching career.

  2. The only horror movie I remember seeing as a kid in the theater with my family is CRASH!, the Charles Band haunted car flick. And that was only because it was showing in front of Dragonslayer at the drive-thru movie place we went to.

    So you can imagine my envy right now.

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