Define Sporadic

Posts might become sporadic in the near future.


So what’s the dealio?  Burn out maybe?


Since Friday I’ve been writing short stories.  I’ve got two complete and one So close it hurts.  By rights I should have four… ish, but Saturday I was spinning wheels.

My goal?  Sending something out this February.

With the intent to publish.

For money.

So what has Cullen gotten done?  Just to keep track, I have a fantasy story of unexpected revenge, a fantasy story about a father seeking his wayward son, and  a horror story inspired by the movie Paranormal Activity.  Well, kind of inspired by Paranormal Activity.  Sort of.  If you read it, you’d never know it.

If I can get these published, points!  If not, they’ll come here.  Points!

In the meantime, I’m going to try and keep this thing going.  I’ll update when I can, but if I don’t, know that Art Advances.



5 Replies to “Define Sporadic”

  1. Hey – since you do so much writing – have you considered making a few bucks on oDesk? I say this because your website would make a nice reference on your own résumé.It took me just one month to earn enough for a new computer (!)

  2. Best of luck with the writing; I hope you get the stories finished and published. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that if they do get published, you’ll let us know where, right?

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