Every now and then I read the phrase “Change is good” and I get mad.  Usually this is done by smug idiots who write about comic book characters (ahem), but it happens in all walks of life.  Thoughtless, stupid people who ought to either learn to keep their mouths shut or get used to being punched in that same mouth every time they utter or write “Change is good.”

Is the earthquake that happened in Haiti last week good?  That’s change.

Was the murder committed last night good?  (Which murder?  Pick one.)  That’s change.

Change can be the most horrific moment of your life, whether it’s walking out of the rest room with your fly down (going commando can be such a bitch) or losing your job or walking in on your significant other with her (or his) other significant other.  It can be a kick in the crotch or the last bit of weight that shatters.

It can be many, many things.

So many things.

Change isn’t good.  Oh, it can be good, don’t get me wrong.  If a beautiful woman entered my life, one who liked many a thing I liked, that would be change I could get behind.  A million dollars, right now, wouldn’t be sneezed at.  Inspiration that leads to my novel being finished, a new computer, something anything.

That change would be good.

Some change is even necessary.

But is change as a whole good?

No.  Change isn’t good.  It isn’t bad.  Change is Change.  To say otherwise is idiotic.


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