So, we’ve got ourselves another brush with Winter’s chilly fingers.  And the furnace isn’t working quite right.  Meaning I’m cold.

Not frozen.

Just cold.

I will never be one of those old foggies who goes on and on about how when I was a kid I walked uphill to school both ways.  But I did.  I had a hill between me and my school.  Had to go up, then down, both ways.  And it wasn’t a small hill, let me tell you.  Especially using short, stumpy legs.

In spring/fall, this was all well and good.  But in winter, oh, in winter, it got cold.  So very, very cold.


All in all, I shouldn’t complain.  I watched the blowing snow outside my window.  I could be outside in the cold.  In the snow.

I almost envy the Dachsunds now…  Fur coat and all…


4 Replies to “Cold”

  1. Ha, we’ve got 37 C where I am now and it’s not pleasant. Tell you what I’ll send you a day of sunny blue skies and heat if you’ll send me a day of snow flurries.

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