Yes, it’s true. I’m a Cannibal. So what of it?

Of course, I don’t mean the “eating human flesh” type of cannibal.  I mean I’m at the stage of reworking the novel where I’m taking the old stuff and merging it with the new.

I wish I could use more of it, but there’s been a bit of a paradigm shift and a lot of it doesn’t mesh with what I need now.  A part of this is losing two characters, a part is moving a character forward, and, surprisingly, a part is fleshing out a character the reader used to only hear from.

Fortunately, some of it is description, something I find BORING BORING BORING!  Always have.  But, as it’s setting, it kinda needs to be there.

The long of it is I still exist, and I still work.  Which makes me happy.


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