The Movies NEVER Get Lovecraft Right

Below is the only movie Lovecraft ever authorized in his lifetime.  It’s called The Other Gods.  It would probably work best if you’re unfamiliar with the source.

Me?  The Other Gods is one of my favorites.  This movie, while interesting, really doesn’t compare.


2 Replies to “The Movies NEVER Get Lovecraft Right”

  1. I’m very familiar with the source material. You can’t really expect much from an old animated short like that. Mr. Rhodes was, at least, smart enough to include a “petting the cat” scene at the beginning (Lovecraft would have liked that). There are only a few good Lovecraft adaptations out there. I always recommend “Dagon” – even though it’s set in Spain, rather than New England.

  2. I’ve yet to watch “Dagon”. As I recall, it’s a Stuart Gordan flick, and he tends to be good. But not very faithful to the story.

    With “The Old Gods” here, it hits all the beats of the story, but it’s… off. I will admit getting a kick out of his interpretations of Lovecraft’s Elder Gods

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