And Now For Something Entirely Too Similar

Todd and Mom have taken Dad into the hospital for chest pains.  More when there’s more.

UPDATE: Hospital stays mean a whole lot of waiting around. Currently, I am waiting with Dad. A Cath lab is in the eventual future.

Unless I slept through it. Heh heh, kind of dozed off.

In any case, I’ve been keeping myself in trouble. Set up my own MySpace account.

Why? Damnifino. Seemed like something to have.

Better than thinking what this newest trip into the land of duck sounds mean.

You might want to think about that last one a second. Meanwhile, the waiting continues. More word when we (i.e. I) get it.

UPDATE PART TWO:  It’s looking like bypass isgo for next Monday.  And the worrying begins… now.


2 Replies to “And Now For Something Entirely Too Similar”

  1. I hope all works out with your dad. As for me – writing content for hire can wear you out after just 6 solid hours a day. But it’s a good feeling to get paid for it. It wouldn’t be much money in the U.S., but here, $6 an hour (about 280 pesos) is roughly 3 times what a licensed pharmacist or a registered nurse would make (at the high end).

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