No Treats, Only This.

I am so very tired

of programs that don’t work as advertised

of fixing problems only to come back and find them back

of losing files.

of “helpful” auto corrects that don’t help

of not knowing where the damn off button to autocheck

of programs help sections not helping at all

of help sections being confusing, infuriating places

of playing video games that have been rushed unfinished to market.

of not understanding how this crap works

of thinking I do understand how this crap works only to be proven wrong

of needing to know this crap to be a presence in the modern world (well, not really, but roll with it, ths is almost done.)

of men being portrayed in fiction as complete and total doofuses when not coupled with a woman.

of being a complete and total doofus.

of depending on a program to assist when I know damn well it won’t.

of not updating the comic and the review blog

of writing carping posts like this.

in general.  Just very, very tired.

Tomorrow will be a happy day. Tomorrow is NaNoWriMo. I get to write things that aren’t formated.  That the God damn Master Document files won’t screw up on whim.

Till then, may the day be at least slightly less tiresome.

And may all you happy people you have a nice Halloween.


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