We might go into this more at a later date, but shortly after I became ambulatory after my illness I went into a local Borders and picked up a new How to Write a Novel thing.  This was a set, with book and little worksheets.  Sort of like the Marshall Plan for Novel Writing without the overpowering reek of formula fiction.

According to the kit, I used pen and/or pencil with the worksheets, but because my handwriting is bad enough to cause rips in the space-time continuum (not to mention is really hard to read) I went and copied them to the Lap Devil, then with my handy dandy open source word processor (Open Office, for the curious) I made little tables so that my wordies hit the right points on the sheet.

It was fun.

The first time I did it.

But with the actual outline worksheets, THE ONES I USE THE MOST FREQUENTLY, I have to  mess with.  Again.  AND AGAIN,  AND AGAIN!

This isn’t even going to the master document I tried setting up.  My head might explode if we talk about that.

Flash forward to today.  My beloved Devil Box, while not a  100% healthy Devil Box, can be used.  In fact, this post was written using it.  So I’m happier.

But wait!  All the novel information is on the Lap Devil!  What will I do?

Well, Brother Eric, being a kind, kind brother, graced me with a thumb drive.  I moved everything on to it.  Thus I can float back and forth between Tower and Lap and be happy.



What are you thinking?

Didn’t you read the title?


All the outline tables are FUBAR.  The character tables I looked at… the ones I don’t use that many of, are AOK.

I am not happy.

I’m fiddling with things now, but if you hear a soul shattering scream in the night (or day, depending on where you are), know that it’s just your frustrated Narrator.

Killing a computer programmer.




Let me put the above, hopefully humorous rant, in perspective by telling you a little story.

I’m ranting about computer problems with Brother Todd, as is my wont, and, rather reasonably, he says, “So you want to go back to notebooks?”

I give him a look, then say, as if he was still a child, “A Notebook is still a computer, Todd.”

He returns my look, then realizes where the confusion lies.  I take a moment longer, but I do get there.  He’s talking about the Note Books.

Back in the day, I did all of my writing on spiral note books.  I have maybe a hundred of them brimming with words and images.  Stuff that, looking back on it, I don’t know what I was thinking of.

Would I leave the land of Devil Boxes and return to that realm of Paper?

Hell no.

Devil Boxes all the way.

Just…. Irritated.  Is all.



  1. But I’ll guess you’ll need to calm down – Sunday’s the big day, huh? I’m afraid that I wont be joining you this year. My contract work (on-line) uses up too much of my time 😦

  2. What is this “calm down” that you speak of?

    Sorry to hear you won’t be doing the NaNoWriMo thing. I think, by hook or by crook, this is the year for me. My notes are exstensive for it… at least compared to last year. Should be interesting, at least.

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