The Mystery of the Computer Tower

Last time I talked about the Devil Box, I said the following:

We could go into a whole host of reasons [why I’m not updating this site] (all good), but the [main one is that my Devil Box’s Mother Board died.  Maybe Darkseid did it.  Or am I thinking of the wrong fantasy termKing Kirby would tell me, were he here

We finally got to a place where we could fix the silly thing… and it turns out the mother board is fine.

The computer is fine.

The computer signal, for one reason or another, won’t reach my monitor.


I have “Other Means” of using it, which is what I’m a doin’ now.  But the question remains: What’s wrong with it?

Is it a problem with the VGA cable?  The Monitor?  The plugs -ins in the back of the tower?

That’s what we’re looking into next.  Fun fun.  Suppose I could wait until Computer Genius Man Eric comes up for Christmas… However, I could also look into getting another VGA cable and see if that fixes things.  Those can’t be that expensive, and we’ve found some use in the things.

Writing is still being done with the Lap Devil.  And is going hella good.  This NaNoWriMo might be the one…

Why is it I had the sudden urge to put this post in the Fantasy category here on site?


3 Replies to “The Mystery of the Computer Tower”

  1. I just had the same situation. The first thing that you you would do (as a tech) is to disconnect everything and reconnect everything (including all internal CPU cards) – it worked for me…

  2. Thanks for the info! I’m not sure my Luddite hands need to be disconnecting anything computer related, but Brother Eric, the family computer genius, should be up Christmas time and I’m sure he can do it/show me how to do it.

    On the “disconnect the power” comment, I might have taken offense over it (of course you want to disconnect it first) if I hadn’t had the particular father I had. For years the man didn’t take similar precautions when working with electricity. How he’s lasted this long is beyond me.

    And for all I know the electricity quirk he has is hereditary.

    Besides, with all the dumb things recorded in this blog (as well as the stuff I haven’t mentioned), it’s probably a concern anyways.

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