The Luddite Learns That It’s Not Always the Code’s Fault Things Go Wrong…

You might be asking yourself, “Why did he make this post green?”  I don’t have a good answer for you.  Felt like it doesn’t quite describe it.  It’s like I needed to do it.  To prove, if only to myself, that I can figure things out, that I can pull things off with HTML and CSS.

It might help if I hadn’t just spent this entire night trying to fix what was, in essence, a simple coding problem.  Or that there was a bug in one of my JavaScripts and I have no earthly clue what it was.  Or if I wasn’t on the edge of experimenting with a New Idea.

Be that as it may, I wrote a irritated post of having problems with HTML and CSS.  I had set up my main page in what should have been perfect fashion, only to have the ad box drop down from where it should set.  No matter what I did, no matter what I tried, it stayed where it didn’t belong.

Let me tell you about that ad box.  Having it at the top of the page is one of the few mandatory requirements for having my comic hosted on the free site Comic Genesis.  It pays them the money they need to run the place.  While I don’t like having the ad there, I can’t begrudge them the request.  It’s only fair after all.

Having it look like I was trying to avoid doing as they requested embarrassed the hell out of me.  It also, to my mind, threatened the safety of the comic.  Not good by any stretch of the imagination.

But what made it all worse was how easy puting the ad box in was.  They have these special codes called Keentags (named back when they called the site KeenSpace).  The one for the ad box was ***advertisement***.  Write it up, upload it, and everything work jut fine.

The maddening thing was, is that’s what I had done.  I could even see the Keentag there on the faulty page, right where I placed it.  The ad box should have replaced the word, but it didn’t.  Why didn’t it?

Remember that second sentence in the above paragraph.  We’ll be revisiting it before this post is over.

In my desperation, I uploaded a test page and fiddled around with code. This page dropped the ad box.  I fiddled and fiddled.  nothing.

I pulled up my work on the laptop.  Everything seemed okay there.  Sure, I used a sample ad box (i.e. an image of one of the ads that would pop up, as the Keentag wouldn’t work outside Comic Genesis).  But that shouldn’t matter.  I rewrote everything by hand instead of cut-and-paste so I could try to get a better grip on things, but I copied it in exact detail as far as I could see.  It.  Should.  Work.

By Monday, I could stand it no more.  I went back to the very first template I used, uploaded it to the site as my main page.  Sure enough, everything worked fine there.   Ad box sat right where it belonged.  Why the hell didn’t it…?

Oh no.

Oh no.

It couldn’t be that simple.

I went into the code and looked at the Keentag.

Sure enough, instead of advertisement I had written advertisment. As in advetisTHE-E -SHOULD-FREAKING-BE-HEREment.

I looked at that damn word countless times and not once, not once, noticed I spelled it wrong.

In all out fairness, an over-reliance of spell check hasn’t lead me to this fate.  I couldn’t spell even back before I had a computer handy.

But I used to see it when it happened, while it happened.  And I didn’t this time.

Oh well.  Senility.  Bound to happen to me soon or latter.  I am pushing forty, after all.

Everything is now fixed and awaiting the next screw up.  Meanwhile, I’m considering only cut-and-pasting everything. To hell with knowing how this damn stuff works.

(Small note: you might have noticed a small drop in grammatical and spelling gaffes, as well as a down tick in passive sentences.  This shouldn’t induce any hopes that your friendly(and hopefully favorite) Luddite narrator actually might be getting his act together in that regard.  Don’t be silly.  WordPress has kindly installed something called After the Deadline, which looks into such matters upon requests.

(Sad to say, it doesn’t work quite so well over at Reviews.  Either AtD takes one look at the size of the post, screams, then runs away in fear, or my obsession with pagination is causing it not to work right.  More shall come to light this weekend as I struggle with yet another movie (a good one, for a change of pace), or earlier if I get the gumption and remove some coding…)

4 Replies to “The Luddite Learns That It’s Not Always the Code’s Fault Things Go Wrong…”

  1. I tend to do my worst spelling with no spell check at some random Internet Cafe. Why, do you ask am I at some random Internet Cafe? It has to do with the flood. What flood? Check out my website. (sigh)

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