A Word About This Comic I Write.

The next page of the comic is drawn, but not yet scanned into the computer.  (Technically it’s the third time this particular page has been drawn for this particular version of the comic, but sh!  Don’t tell everybody.)  I’m shooting to get three pages done (at least) this week, and aim to start posting them when I have better than 12 pages done so that maybe, just maybe, I can go with three updates a week rather than the usual no updates one update amount I actually get up each month.

I say “better than twelve” because NaNoWriMo is coming and I’m thinking that one update a week will be the order of the day then.

I’ve also toyed with a “Finish the chapter then start updating” notion.  By that I mean the next chapter, as this one is inching towards finished.  But what ever, right?


3 Replies to “A Word About This Comic I Write.”

  1. I must confess I haven’t followed On the One Nord to Noin for some months, now…I’m going to assume no android replicas have shown up…

    Oh, and as for NaNo…hm, hadn’t thought about it, really. Words in the air. A score to hit. He shoots, he scores, he writes terribly! (“He” meaning “me,” in this instance.)

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