Well That Took Entirely Too Long

Today at the other site, we talk about that other major monster in Japan, Godzilla’s only true rival, Giant Monster Gamera!  Join me as I have a little fun at the expense of this childhood favorite.

Please. It took me two weeks to write this.  Somebody’s gotta read it beside me or it’ll all be in vain!

Next time, we’ll look at a Fantasy flick, thus completing the Speculative Trimpvie as far as the site’s concerned.  What is it?  Don’t rush me!  I’m thinking.

Also related to that site, I might, might mind you, post non-movie anime reviews.  Might.  No promises.


2 Replies to “Well That Took Entirely Too Long”

  1. Hey – I read it! Good stuff. I’m at the local internet cafe right now. I movedto a new (and bigger) place which I share with various family members. It makes for an interesting social dynamic. The only bad part is that it will take me another week or two to get my internet connection installed. So my website postings will have to wait until then. Oh well. Other than that – all is well. Catch you later…

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