Preferences Meme

And now for something completely different: A post with actual content. Horrors! Will the Republic remain intact?

Probably, but if it doesn’t, it’s not my fault we let politicians run day to day life.

Be that as it may, may it be as that, I found a meme to do.  Been a while since I did one.  Figured, why not?

This is from Booking Through Thursday by way of moonlit garden.  Several questions regarding reading preference, meant to be quick answers.  Let’s see how Mr.  Logorrhea does.

Which do you prefer?

  • Reading something frivolous? Or something serious?
    YES!  NO!   MAYBE!  I prefer reading something the writer gave a damn about writing, rather than something he just tossed out.  But…  Sometimes even that isn’t true.
  • Paperbacks? Or hardcovers?
    Paperbacks for quick reads, hardcovers to keep FOREVER AND EVER!
  • Fiction? Or Nonfiction?
    I lean fiction.
  • Poetry? Or Prose?
    Prose, prose, a thousand times prose.
  • Biographies? Or Autobiographies?
    Neither?  Both?  If I get an Autobiography, I prefer it written by one person and not two or more.
  • History? Or Historical Fiction?
    I lean fiction.
  • Series? Or Stand-alones?
    Stand-alones for the Horror stuff, don’t care with the rest
  • Classics? Or best-sellers?
    Depends on what a class ic is, doesn’t it?  Classic Horror, Classic Sci-Fi, Classic Fantasy, I am so there.  Best sellers… mmmaybe.
  • Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose?
    Straightforward.  Verily,’ tis the bane of the modern reader to struggle gamely through a thicket of verbiage only to stumble across the shattered ruins of a point best made with only a handful of monosyllables.  When a writer plants his muse inspired thought in the barren soil of overlong paragraphs, ofttimes all he harvests is but strangled strands of weeds.
  • Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness?
    Plot.  Too often stream of consciousness=BORING.
  • Long books? Or Short?
  • Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated?
    I love books with pictures in them, but if they don’t…  I LOVE THEM ANYWAYS!
  • Borrowed? Or Owned?
  • New? Or Used?
    Readable is all that matters.

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